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Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Hydrogen Peroxide 24oz

$ 30.00 $ 24.00

  • Powerful Cleaner, No Bleach Harshness
  • No gloves, masks or protective eyewear needed
  • No harsh chemical residue
  • Leaves a fresh clean scent
  • Does not contain chlorine bleach


Family-Friendly, Bleach-Free Formula

LYSOL Power & Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner delivers a clean you can feel good about. This spray is free of chlorine bleach, which means you don’t have to worry about your kids and pets. There is no chemical residue and no need to wear gloves, masks, or protective eye wear.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Powerful Cleaning

LYSOL Power & Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner’s hydrogen peroxide formula releases thousands of micro-bubbles that penetrate to dissolve grease and soap scum on a variety of surfaces throughout your home.

Refreshing Scent

This spray captures the freshness of a spring breeze, so your bathroom smells clean and inviting.

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