Ariel Oxirings comes with an innovative fast dissolving formula that frees the double power of Oxigen and soap, allowing Ariel Oxirings topenetrate deep into the fibers & remove even the hardest stains, without mistreating your clothes fibers and protecting your clothes so they will look like new for a long a time. Ariel leaves your clothes with a fresh & clean scent. Now you do not have to worry if you get grass stains on your favorite pair of jeans or pasta sauce on your favorite shirt, Ariel Oxirings will take care of it!
It is easy to use. Make sure to dissolve it very well before adding to clothes. Do Not add powder directly on clothes! You then will be ready with fresh, clean & impeccable clothes.

Detachyourself from stains to feel proudly impeccable with Ariel Oxirings.


  • Deep clean, takes care of your whites and colors.
  • Leaves clothes feeling soft with a clean aroma
  • Its micro spheres remove deep stains, takes care of your clothes fibers preventingthem from fading.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Leaves your clothes with a delicious clean scent.